DJI Inspire 1 & Inspire 1 Pro Specifications

Factory specification chart for DJI Inspire 1 & Inspire 1 Professional (Pro) drones.

Inspire 1 SpecsInspire 1 Pro Specs
Weight2935g (Battery Included)3400g (Battery, propellers and Zenmuse X5 included)
Takeoff Weight3400g3500g
Hovering Accuracy
(GPS mode)
Max Angular VelocityPitch:300°/s;Yaw:150°/sPitch:300°/s;Yaw:150°/s
Max Tilt Angle35°35°
Max Ascent/Descent Speed5/4 m/s5/4 m/s
Max Speed22m/s(ATTI mode,no wind)18m/s(ATTI mode,no wind)
Max Flight Altitude4500m4500m
Max Wind Speed Resistance10m/s10m/s
Operating Temperature Range-10°~40°C-10°~40°C
Max Flight TimeApproximately 18 minutesApproximately 15 minutes
Indoor HoveringEnabled by defaultEnabled by default

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Andy has been flying and building remote control aircraft for over 30 years and is a licenced UK drone pilot. When not flying drones, Andy serves his local community, as an On Call Firefighter for Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service.

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