Hovershotz are a professional aerial photographer based in Cumbria that use the latest drones, some of the frequently asked questions are as follows:

What UK geographical area do Hovershotz cover?

From our Lake District base in Cumbria, we are conveniently located for aerial drone photography, filming & inspections across the North of England & Southern Scotland. Our rates are attractive enough for clients further afield across the rest of the United Kingdom to consider hiring Hovershotz (particularly those located close by in Cheshire, County Durham, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and Yorkshire) .

Do Hovershotz offer a White Label Service for other drone operators?

Yes, we are happy to fly and film on behalf of other drone operators, particularly for film or TV jobs in the Lake District or Cumbria, where we can provide a professional cost effective solution. We are happy to operate using either our our your equipment. We operate from an un sign-written commercial vehicle and can wear unbranded workwear and hi viz if required.

Do Hovershotz provide stock library images and videos?

Yes, we hold an extensive library of aerial drone photographs and video, mainly of Cumbria and the Lake District. Stock footage can be bought either direct from ourselves or Drone Safe Register Stock.

I’ve found a cheaper price elsewhere, will Hovershotz price match?

The UK drone industry is full of cowboys, who are not licenced, don’t hold valid insurance and use cheap consumer drones and we have no interest have no interest in competing with these illegal drone operators. Hovershotz, will however, price match a genuine quotation from any professional UK drone operator who holds a CAA PFCO & valid insurance.

Why do I need to hire a professional drone operator with CAA permissions?

Quite simply, it is a criminal offence to use a drone commercially or charge for any work you conduct with a drone without the necessary CAA permissions PFCO and commercial drone insurance.

Are Hovershotz able to fly and operate drones at night?

Yes, Hovershotz hold the necessary permissions from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to operate drones at night in the dark. Hovershotz are one of only a very few drone operators in the UK who’s pilot is sufficiently skilled and experienced to satisfy the CAA to grant permission for night operation. Crucially, Hovershotz believe that we are the first and currently the only aerial drone operator in Cumbria & the Lake district to be granted night flying permission

What is the best time to conduct thermal infrared surveys?

The heat from the sun can skew results, so depending on what exactly needs surveying at least 1 hour after sunset in the dark gives best results.

Do Hovershotz operate overseas?

Yes, we have filmed overseas (In Europe and North Africa). It all depends on the local laws or rules each country applies to commercial drone operation and also if our insurance is valid in the country. Our pilot holds the European LUASS™ pilots qualification (recognised by most European aviation authorities) and 2 of our aircraft (drones) are LUASS™ registered, which enables quick and easy permission for European commercial operation. Please contact us for details on filming in specific countries.

Do Hovershotz have a privacy policy?

Yes, view it here  https://www.hovershotz.co.uk/privacy-policy/

What is the range of Hovershotz drones?

CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) regulations states that UAS systems or drones must be flown within ‘visual line of sight’ in the UK. Hovershotz are unique in Cumbria having EVLOS (extended visual line of sight) permission from the CAA – we are able to fly in an operational ‘bubble’ of 1600m horizontally and 500ft vertically, whereas our competitors are limited to 500m horizontally and 400ft vertically.

Can Hovershotz fly near airports or in other restricted locations

Yes, Hovershotz are able to liaise with local air traffic control (atc) to organise permission to operate close to airports and post the required NOTAMS. Hovershotz are also authorised to unlock the drones inbuilt geofencing to fly in other restricted airspace such as nuclear power stations. Hovershotz can also apply to the CAA for enhanced permissions and OSC (operational safety case) for particularly complicated drone operating permissions (such as stadiums or city centres).

How long do Hovershotz drones fly for?

Typical flight times are between 15 -20 minutes depending on the payload, wind, and weather conditions.

What weather conditions are Hovershotz drones able to fly  and photograph in?

Our drones vary in different conditions – Ideally you want light or no winds and a sunny day – our most robust drone can fly in 35mph winds with light drizzle – of course this is not an ideal situation for filming or photos but when there are no other options we do what we need to do. The poor lighting on cloudy days affects the quality of the images, as does the moisture in the air on rainy or misty days .

Can Hovershotz film in the rain or wet weather with your drones?

Yes!! We are the only professional drone operator in Cumbria with a waterproof, rain proof drone camera and lens solution, who additionaly has night permission. If you need a drone operator who is able to film in wet weather, then Hovershotz is the only choice in the Lake District.

What if the weather is bad on the day of the shoot?

We closely monitor the weather and if we believe the weather is likely to be bad at least 48 hours in advance, we will move the shoot to the next suitable day. Provided we are able to reschedule this will be at no additional cost. Where we cannot reschedule due to factors outside our control (i.e. client availability, live events) we cannot refund the initial payment.

Are Hovershotz able fly & film indoors?

Yes providing the surroundings are acceptable and the Pilot is happy to fly. We have a compact professional quadcopter, ideally suited to indoors flying (they feature ultrasonic positioning sensors which do the work indoors that GPS does outdoors). Internal aerial drone photographer.

Can Hovershotz fly in built up areas?

Yes providing that we are abiding to the rules and regulations set by the CAA and the risk assessment deems it is safe to operate. If we are operating in a closed working environment like a TV/film set and everybody we are working with has been briefed about the flight operations, then we are able to fly closer providing the pilot is sure safe to operate. We are unable to fly over or near a group of people of 1001 or more without special permission.

Can Hovershotz fly and film at night?

Yes, Hovershotz have permission from the CAA to fly and operate in the dark at night (we believe that we are the only drone company in Cumbria & the Lake District with this permission).

What’s the difference between a drone,  UAS, SUSA, multirotor & UAV

‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’ (UAV); ‘Small Unmanned Aircraft’ (SUA); ‘Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft’ (SUSA); ‘Remotely or remote Piloted Aircraft System’ (RPAS); ‘Remotely Operated Vehicle’ (ROV);  ‘Unmanned Aircraft System’ (UAS); Drone; Quadcopter; Hexacopter;  Octocopter.

There are a number of different terms used to describe these aircraft, all tend to be randomly interchanged depending on the user, but they broadly refer to the same thing.


Do Hovershotz rent or hire drones or UAV’s?

We are often asked if we can either hire or rent out one of our drones? The simple answer is No, this is because each pilot needs to be certified for aerial work by the civil aviation authority. Also, we are unable to get indemnity insurance for 3rd parties to fly our drones.

What we can offer is is to hire out our services as a drone and pilot with the client operating the camera and filming by a separate remote control. This ensures safe legal use but still give the client full control of what the drone captures, films, videos and photographs.

This is a low cost affordable uav drone operator & pilot hire service near me.

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