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Providing drone filming in the Lake District for Film Crews

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Hovershotz specialise in providing professional aerial drone filming in the Lake District for film and media companies filming on location. We operate a variety of professional drones including the cinematic grade DJI Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X5S lens. All drones can be packed in tailored backpacks and our drone pilot is an experienced Lake District fell walker who can hike across the Lake District terrain to capture the perfect shot. Hovershotz operate from a rugged self contained off road 4 wheel drive vehicle (unlike some other drone operators who try and operate from a family car), where we can transport both our equipment  and additional film-crew close to the desired filming location. We are able to charge batteries out on location and even view and edit footage from the comfort of our vehicle.

Hovershotz are experienced in working with a variety of TV, news and film crews across the lake District and also providing location scouting across Cumbria.

Here is an example of Hovershotz working on location in the Lake District with a film crew, providing aerial drone filming.

Hovershotz Aerial Drone Photography, Filming & Surveys GDPR Privacy Policy Statement

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Hovershotz Aerial Drone Photography, Filming & Surveys GDPR Privacy Policy Statement

Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) & General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Collecting and using your personal information

Images & Video 

Hovershotz take the utmost care when we film. We confirm that all images of identifiable individuals, even captured inadvertently, when using cameras fitted to our drones, will be subject to the Data Protection Act (DPA) & General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As these acts/regulations contain requirements concerning the collection, storage and use of such images, photographs, and video from filming. Hovershotz confirm that we are complying with any such applicable requirements or exemptions. Further information about the DPA/GDPR and the circumstances in which it applies can be obtained from the Information Commissioner’s Office and website: www.ico.org.uk


Privacy Statement

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The information we collect is used for internal review and is then discarded, used to improve the content of our Web page, used to customize the content and/or layout of our page for individual consumer and used by us to contact consumers for marketing purposes.

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Hovershotz are one of the few drone operators in Cumbria who use a SSL secure website with a https url. This ensures any visitors to our site data is secure as everything is encrypted.


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For any additional clarification, please contact the data controller at Hovershotz Aerial Drone Photography & Inspections Cumbria, 172 Windermere Road, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 5EZ. info@hovershotz.co.uk

We keep our privacy policy under regular review. This privacy policy was last updated 23 April 2018.

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Approved legal drone pilot in Cumbria and the Lake District

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The UK drone industry is still regarded as being in its early days, however Hovershotz ensure that there is at least one professional drone operator available in Cumbria and the Lake District that is at the leading edge of legislation and law interpretation. Whether it is aerial photography in Cumbria or aerial drone filming in the Lake District there are strict rules that should be followed. We are aware of several drone operators in Cumbria & the Lake District operating commercially without the required CAA permissions (PFCO), which is both illegal and dangerous. Equally as bad is footage we have observed of CAA PFCO holders in Cumbria flagrantly breaking the rules, who should know better.

Something worth keeping in mind is that the CAA have a safety first approach for all operations, be it drones, gilders or military jets flying in the Lake District. Obviously, this is a good thing. It helps to ensure operations involving drones in the UK are safe and controlled.


Hovershotz prides itself in ensuring compliance with the law – this is something that that cannot be guaranteed in the same way if you the client choose to use another operator in Cumbria. Hovershotz who hold a PfCO are aware of a number of drone operators with permissions in our local area (North Wewst of England – Cumbria, Lancashire & the Lake District) that still manage to break the law. Having a license doesn’t mean the operator can do what he or she wants – it just means they know what the rules are and have permission to fly for valuable consideration.

There are often instances when it is necessary to contact authorities to organise flights. For example local councils, police, MOD, air traffic control, Lake District national park rangers might be informed or asked permission to fly. Landowners however do not need notification to enable a flight over their land, so long as the drone that is flying is kept more than 50m away from buildings, the land itself and of course people on that land.

There is no reason to pay anyone anything to obtain overflight permissions, unless there is a bylaw that specifically states there are fees.

Sometimes notice is needed, often 28 days prior to the flight.

locations that should be notified of drone overflight:

  • Nuclear sites/installations/plants – if a flight needs to be undertaken within 3.2km (2 miles) of a nuclear power site, the CAA will be able to help organise this. There are some specific restrictions involved with flights in these areas.
  • Airfelds and airports. Generally best avoided anyway.
  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI’s) – Natural England are responsible for maintaining these sites, with duties and responsibilities being delegated to local authorities.
  • Protected Areas – marine reserves and bird sanctuaries – it is almost certainly a necessity to contact them ahead of flights to ensure you are not unnecessarily disturbing wildlife.
  • There are increasing numbers of reports of less accommodating organisations that feel that it is their place to re-write the rules on behalf of the CAA. What they are trying to do is not actually enforceable, nor ethical, as PfCO pilots are allowed to fly in locations (such as the Lake District National Park or the National Trust) so long as they maintain the 50m separations, and have permission for take off and landing at a location that allows flight within the 500m range allowed. There are numerous references regarding this in CAP722 and CAP393 for further clarification.


Finding a legal CAA approved drone operator in Cumbria & the Lake District

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If you searching for aerial photography or a drone operator in Cumbria then, beware of ‘drone directories’ that don’t do their checks…..

Almost each month we see a new drone directory pop up. Hovershotz are listed in most drone directories but we are concerned that some are listing illegal pilots.

Sadly, it has become evident that many drone directory websites are not doing their commercial drone pilot checks thoroughly.

On closer inspection, it is evident that many drone directories have pilots listed with out of date, invalid paperwork or non-existent paperwork checks.

Why is this important?  When it comes to aviation safety – cutting corners is unsafe and unacceptable.  The UK’s aviation safety standards are set high to avoid accidents.

Hovershotz are aware of a ‘drone hire directory’ that doesn’t even ask for CAA certification from their pilots listed.  That means that anybody who wishes can ‘say’ they are CAA approved (even though they are not) and then be promoted as a legal drone operator.

Here’s what one drone directory said when asked whether they check for CAA Approval (PFCO) :

We don’t require a copy of your PFCO,  but every listing agrees to terms of use of the site which states information supplied to us is correct, we also carry out random checks against CAA register.


If you require aerial drone photography video or surveys in Cumbria Lancashire or the Lake District, don’t get caught out by hiring an illegal operator.  If things go wrong you’ll find that your drone operator is not insured.  A drone in the hands of an illegal operator is an accident waiting to happen.

Ensuring your drone pilot is legal

By law anybody operating their drone commercially i.e. charging for the service MUST have permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and hold valid commercial insurance.

When hiring a drone operator always ask for a copy of the pilots CAA approval (PFCO) and commercial drone insurance. If in doubt, Hovershotz would recommend that you find an operator listed on Drone Safe Register, where all operators are checked to ensure they are legal and hold a current PFCO and valid insurance   https://dronesaferegister.org.uk

Hovershotz aerial drone photography video and inspections listing can be found here https://dronesaferegister.org.uk/company/hovershotz-aerial-drone-photography-video-inspections-cumbria/

New York television award for drone cameramen from Kendal

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TWO Kendal men provided aerial footage with drone-mounted cameras for an award-winning television show pilot shot in the Lake District.

Andy Wills  teamed up with graduates National Film and Television School to help film for their reality television pilot ‘Against All Odds’.

The episode, which was shot at prime beauty spots such as Helvellyn, Cautley Spout and Ullswater, has now been recognised at the New York Television Festival’s Independent Pilot Competition.

‘Against All Odds’ was the only UK-produced entry to the competition, which came out on top in the ‘best unscripted pilot/alternative project’ category.

“It’s a great bit of kudos,” said Mr Wills, of Windermere Road who runs Hovershotz Aerial Drone Photography & Video Cumbria.

“I’m not too sure if the drone footage contributed too much but I’m sure it must have helped.”

In Against All Odds, five ordinary strangers each choose one of five locked bags – four contain blank paper and one contains £100,000 in cash. Over three days, the team must carry their bags on an epic journey across some of the UK’s toughest natural landscapes in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales for the chance to split the money at the finish line.

Mr Handley, who owns Skylark Photography and lives near Old Hutton, added: “Andy and I were approached to provide aerial coverage to capture the contestants in areas where the standard film crew were not able to get.

“It was absolutely brilliant. It was a lot of fun and it was the biggest film crew I’ve ever been involved with.”

After the success at the New York Television Festival, Mr Handley added he hoped the pilot would be taken on by a broadcaster.

“It could be that somebody now picks it up and and takes it on to make a television show out of it,” he said. “If Andy and I are lucky enough, we may get commissioned to help produce a series of this.”

To see a trailer of ‘Against All Odds’, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoIP2FJGVdE.

Hovershotz aerial drone photography Cumbria

Aerial drone filming Lake District


Demolition & Blasting Videography by Drone

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Drones are a great platform for aerial videography!

Until recently, it’s been rather impractical to take high-speed video footage of a demolition blast from the air, its been almost impossible to position a camera at just the right height and distance to film an Ultra High Definition video of the moment that explosives ignite. Modern drones can be placed in such locations to gather spectacularly compelling images.

Traditional surface shot footage just doesn’t have the same drama and feels dated and old fashioned. Hovershotz can fly around a structure as it is being demolished giving the whole experience even more dynamism as the video plays out and the structure collapses. We can put several drones in the air to capture the action from many aerial positions as well as deploying cameras on the ground to capture traditional perspectives. Sometimes we will even deploy a few ‘sacrificial’ cameras really close up in an attempt to get far too close!

Hovershotz are able to film aerial drone photographs and video of building demolitions across Cumbria, Lancashire, the Lake District, Yorkshire and beyond.

Chimney demolition photograph by drone Yorkshire

Chimney demolition photograph by drone Yorkshire

Building demolition photograph by drone Yorkshire

Building demolition photograph by drone Yorkshire. Image created from video footage.

Drone footage of tower demolition

Moment of ignition captured by drone from above

Explosion photograph captured by drone Yorkshire

Moment of ignition captured by drone side angle

Legal CAA PFCO Drone Hire & Operator Cumbria & Lake District

A warning to Cumbria businesses contemplating hiring a drone operator in 2018

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A warning to Cumbria businesses contemplating hiring a drone operator in 2018.

Recently, we have seen more drones taking to our skies than ever before.

Drones are helping businesses save time, money and provide creative images and video…

In 2018 more houses & business premises will be aerial photographed by drone. More properties will be surveyed & inspected by drone; more land will be mapped and surveyed.  More films and TV programs will utilise aerial drone filming.

The benefits that drones are already bringing to the Cumbria’s economy are impressive.   Drone usage is expanding into new markets rapidly.  The costs for aerial filming and photography have dramatically in recent years.

But…….Herein lays the problem…

The UK is overrun with illegal drone operators

By law anybody operating their drone commercially i.e. charging for the service or using it for their own business purposes MUST have permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and hold valid commercial insurance.


This law is blatantly and knowingly being flouted by irresponsible and unsafe illegal drone operators.

It is though that there may be more illegal drone pilots operating in the UK than legal pilots.  Sadly, these illegal drone pilots know exactly what they are doing is illegal, BUT are still charging companies for aerial ‘work’.

It’s relatively simple to tell if an aerial footage clip is illegal.  Airing illegal footage will instantly discredit your production.  It tells your customers / viewers, that your company, is not concerned about drone safety.

As a business, if you hire a non CAA approved drone operator, you are putting your company’s reputation at risk. If things go wrong, you could also (along with the offending illegal pilot)  be held liable for the property damage or personal injury. Footage could be seized by the Police and you may both face joint prosecution.

When hiring a drone pilot ALWAYS ask for a valid copy of the pilot’s CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (PFCO) and commercial insurance documents. 

Keep copies of each document on file.

If you are a business that hires drone operators, please help keep the Cumbria’s airspace safe by hiring a legal pilot.

Here at Hovershotz, our CAA PFCO drone pilots have undergone training and have been assessed to ensure their drone piloting competency skills comply with the UK’s aviation rules and regulations. These Civil Aviation Authority, rules are there to keep the public safe from harm and property from damage.  A drone in the wrong hands can cause serious damage or injury.  Drones can fly at speeds in excess of 60 mph and weigh in excess of 15kg kg.  They can fly (illegally) over 7 km away from the pilot or if the pilot loses contact fly away into aircraft flight paths. Don’t leave your business open to legal action and make sure you’re covered when you hire a drone pilot. Hovershotz ensure all aerial drone photography in Cumbria that we conduct is safe and legal.


There are many businesses across the North West of England (Cumbria, the Lake District & Lancashire) that are simply unaware of the law of the laws governing commercial use of drones.  Hovershotz have repeatedly heard from businesses who felt let down, as they had paid ‘good money’ to have the aerial job done correctly and not by a cowboy! Many businesses buy their own drone for their own work (such as estate agents doing their own aerial property photography) not realising that they too need CAA permission.

There is a growing trend in online videos posed on Facebook or YouTube showing illegal drone pilots operating dangerously close to the public and flying dangerously above the safe flying altitude limit. There are internet groups who search out these illegal clips and report them to the Police (self proclaimed drone police). Thankfully, Cumbria Police are now starting to take the public safety posed by these unsafe drone operators seriously and are starting to prosecute them and those companies hiring them.

Aerial photography Cumbria

Despite what an illegal drone operator may tell you, You can’t just operate a drone anywhere. All CAA PFCO approved operators fly their drones at set distances; away from people, property, vehicles, vessels and ‘no fly zones’, gain landowners permission (particularly in the Lake District from organisations such as the National Trust or Lake District National Park).  As a matter of course, all legal commercial drone pilots seek CAA authorisation to fly in any controlled airspace.  Commercial drone pilots will also, when required, employ additional ground staff / observers to ensure every flight is safe and legal.

When HIRING a drone operator in Cumbria …..Be safe NOT sorry!  ALWAYS check your pilot’s paperwork.  Hire a CAA approved drone pilot NOT a cowboy.

against all odds tv game show pilot lake district drone hovershotz


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Against All Odds, TV pilot reality game show. Aerial drone filming shot by Hovershotz Aerial Drone Photography and Filming (assisted by Skylark Aerial Photography), using DJI Inspire 1 Professional drone with Zenmuse X5 camera in 4K. Hovershotz were thrilled to hear that this won ‘Best Unscripted Pilot/ Alternative Project’ at this year’s New York Television Festival’s (NYTVF) and Hovershotz are proud to have provided the aerial drone filming. Shot on location across Cumbria, The Lake District and North Yorkshire (locations included – Cautley Spout (England’s highest water fall, Helvellyn, Swirral Edge, Striding Edge, Ullswater). Filmed in conjunction with the National Film and Television School (NFTS).

Most of this involved hiking across the Lake District terrain with the drones in backpacks, following the contestants. Prior to filming, Hovershotz scouted some of the locations.

Hovershotz Aerial Drone Photography Video & Inspections Cumbria

Watch the trailer

drone safe stock logo

Stock Drone Footage of the Lake District from Hovershotz

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Stock aerial drone footage shot by Hovershotz is now available on Drone Safe Stock Register. Drone Safe Stock Register is the UK’s largest film and video stock site that is dedicated to aerial drone footage. Most of Hovershotz aerial drone videos and films are of the Lake District in Cumbria.

Drone Stock Register can be accessed at https://www.dsrstock.co.uk

Hovershotz Aerial Drone Photography Video & Inspections Cumbria.

Hovershotz aerial drone photography Cumbria help Father Christmas use drones to help deliver presents to children. Santa Drone. Lake District

Hovershotz Aerial Drone Photography Cumbria wish all our friends and customers a very merry Christmas

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Hovershotz Aerial Drone Photography Videos & Inspections Cumbria would like to wish all our friends & clients a very merry Christmas and trust you have a prosperous New Year.

Hovershotz will be busy on Christmas Eve, helping Santa in the UK deliver presents by piloting Father Christmas’s new national drone delivery fleet across the North West of England (Lancashire, Cumbria & the Lake District). 🎄🎅🎁