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Hovershotz move website to HTTPS secure SSL server

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In preparation for some significant upgrades and enhancements to our website, Hovershotz aerial photography video and inspections Cumbria, have migrated our website to a secure SSL server and implemented a https version of our site. This will be necessary when we implement a live booking system and a stock image and video shop to allow clients to purchase stock footage directly from our website. Quite simply, all data on our website is encrypted, protecting our clients data.

We have chosen to implement SLL now, due to the fact that our contact form requires customers to enter data and with the introduction of by Google of Chrome 62 in October 2017, it will be mandatory to implement HTPPS  for our contact form to avoid falling foul new requirements, which would have resulted in our old http site showing up as not secure.

One unexpected benefit, is our website is significantly faster since implementing SSL, which enriches our visitors web experience while using our site.

The move went without hitch but it may take some time for Google to reindex our new HTTPS pages.

Hovershotz aerial drone photography filming in the Lake District Cumbria

Hovershotz are the agent in Cumbria and Lancashire for Iprosurv for insurance inspections

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Iprosurv Ltd – specialists in UAV drone surveys – exclusively use DSR pilots

Iprosurv ltd are making headway in the insurance sector which require aerial inspections in all parts of the UK.

Hovershotz are delighted to be the exclusive provider of drone inspection services in Cumbria, Lancashire and the Lake District to Iprosurv who are specialists in providing aerial imagery to the insurance sector. Drone deployment in the insurance sector is growing rapidly in the UK. Key drivers are emerging technologies, cost reductions and safety improvements.

Iprosurv Ltd has been working with some of the country’s leading insurance companies.  Our drone pilots provide help to surveyors and loss adjusters which enable them to make informed decisions based on the high quality media that drones can provide. Through this aerial data capture Iprosurv are helping loss adjusters bring swift closure to claims for their clients.

Consultation on the SafeUse of Drones in the UK Government Response Department of Transport

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The drones are coming – but their use will now be regulated, as the government announced this morning that devices must now be registered and users will have to sit safety awareness tests.

After running a consultation from December to March, the government today published a response outlining plans to make owners of drones weighing 250g and more register details of their device.

Unlocking the UK’s High Tech Economy: Consultation on the SafeUse of Drones in the UK Government Response Department of Transport

“The UK is at the forefront of an exciting and fast growing drones market and it is important we make the most of this emerging global sector,” said aviation minister Lord Callanan.

Increasingly, drones are proving vital for inspecting transport infrastructure for repair or aiding police and fire services in search and rescue operations, even helping to save lives. They are also used extensively for aerial photography, filming and surveys.

But like all technology, drones too can be misused. By registering drones and introducing safety awareness tests to educate users, we can reduce the inadvertent breaching of airspace restrictions to protect the public.

The government also said it plans to bring forward and expand the use of “geo-fencing”, a technology which acts as an invisible force field around buildings or sensitive areas such as prisons, nuclear plants or airports.

This works by programming drones to hover at the edge of certain zones. Some manufacturers already have this feature locked in, but the government aims to reinforce its practice.

The consultation summary also added that “options to increase penalties when the law is broken” were being explored.

In the consultation, bodies such as the Department for Transport, the British Airline Pilots Association and the Military Aviation Authority revealed evidence that drones weighing 400g could damage the windscreens of helicopters in particular. A particular concern for drones being operated in the English Lake District in Cumbria, where the RAF regularly fly in LFA17 (military designated fly zone).

Airliner windscreens were found to be much more resistant, as it would take a drone of around 2kg to cause critical damage and only if the aeroplane was flying at high speed.

The outcome of the consultation is welcomed by Hovershotz Aerial Drone Photography Video & Inspections Cumbria, as we already follow strict processes laid down by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to comply with our permission for commercial Operation (PFCO) and we have become frustrated with the antics of cowboy drone operators.

Last year, the Civil Aviation Authority launched a new “drone code” with six principles:
Always keep your drone in sight
Stay below 400ft (120m) to comply with the drone code
Every time you fly your drone you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions
Keep the right distance from people and property
You are responsible for each flight
Stay well away from aircraft, airports and airfields


UK Government to announce new drone registration and regulations.

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Hovershotz have learned that the UK government are to announce plans to introduce drone registration and mandatory safety awareness courses for owners of the small unmanned aircraft (SUSA’s).

It will affect anyone who owns a drone which weighs more than 250 grams (8oz).

Drone maker DJI said it was in favour of the measures.

There is no time frame or firm plans as to how the new rules will be enforced and the Department of Transport admitted that “the nuts and bolts still have to be ironed out”.

The drone safety awareness test will involve potential flyers having to “prove that they understand UK safety, security and privacy regulations”, it said.

The plans also include the extension of geo-fencing, in which no-fly zones are programmed into drones using GPS co-ordinates, around areas such as prisons, nuclear power plants and airports.

‘Protect the public’

“Our measures prioritise protecting the public while maximising the full potential of drones,” said Aviation Minister Lord Martin Callanan.

“Increasingly, drones are proving vital for inspecting transport infrastructure for repair or aiding police and fire services in search and rescue operations, even helping to save lives.

“But like all technology, drones too can be misused. By registering drones and introducing safety awareness tests to educate users, we can reduce the inadvertent breaching of airspace restrictions to protect the public.

There has not been a significant accident involving a drone yet, but there have been several reports of near misses with commercial aircraft. There have also been incidents of drones being used to deliver drugs to prison inmates.

“Registration has its place. I would argue it will focus the mind of the flyer – but I don’t think you can say it’s going to be a magic solution,” said Dr Alan McKenna, law lecturer at the University of Kent.

“There will be people who will simply not be on the system, that’s inevitable.”

Drone and aircraft

Similar registration rules in the US were successfully challenged in court in March 2017 and as a result are currently not applicable to non-commercial flyers.

Dr McKenna said there were also issues around how a drone’s owner could be identified by police and whether personal liability insurance should also be a legal requirement in the event of an accident.

‘Common sense’

DJI spokesman Adam Lisberg said the plans sounded like “reasonable common sense”.

“The fact is that there are multiple users of the airspace and the public should have access to the air – we firmly believe that – but you need systems to make sure everybody can do it safely,” he said.

“In all of these issues the question is, where is the reasonable middle ground? Banning drones is unreasonable, having no rules is also unreasonable.

“We’re encouraged that [the British government] seems to be recognising the value drones provide and looking for reasonable solutions.”

Currently only commercial drone operators are regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and have to pass strict theory exams, flight tests and hold specific insurance.

Hovershotz aerial drone photography video and inspections Cumbria, welcome these new rules. We regularly come across idiots who have bought a cheap drone and then fly it dangerously without any knowledge of the current rules or what constitutes safe flights. This is of particular concern in Cumbria and the Lake District; where tourists regularly fly drones to film & video the dramatic scenery, without considering that it is a military fly zone.

Drones for Schools & School Drone Hire in Cumbria, Lancashire & the Lake District

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‘Drones for Schools & School Drone Hire in Cumbria, Lancashire and the Lake District’

The latest DSR initiative aimed at spreading the message of ‘drone safety’ to the UK’s younger generations and perhaps the drone pilots of tomorrow..

DSR is the UK’s leading drone hire website. We have nationwide coverage and some of the best drone pilots available for hire in the UK, including Cumbria based Hovershotz. All our members are CAA registered and fully insured professional working drone pilots. Our members are working on all manner of aerial imagery jobs in many sectors of the nation’s economy.

Recognising that our members have a wealth of knowledge and experience of working in the UK’s drone industry we thought it would be great to inspire younger generations by introducing them to drones, drone safety and what drones are capable of in the right hands!

DSR have launched their new initiative called ‘Drones for Schools’, aimed at introducing drones to school children. The idea stems from the fact that drones in the right hands create lots of benefits both in the workplace and for leisure. But drones are not toys! Anybody controlling a drone must remember to fly safely and follow the drone laws set by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

So that’s why DSR launched the new initiative; because it’s great for our DSR members such as Hovershotz to inspire younger generations, convey their knowledge and instil safe drone practices to perhaps the drone pilots of tomorrow. What’s more our drone pilots get to pass on their creativity to schools by providing them with some stunning aerial photos of the school and pupils! It’s the perfect visual memento for the children, parents and pupil’s families!

Mrs Carter, “Teaching children about the safe use of drones is a great idea”.

To kick start the initiative earlier this week, Jessica Jay and the Drone Safe team joined a DSR member, who introduced drones to the school children at All Saints C.E Primary School in West Sussex.

All Saints CE Primary School hired a professional pilot through DSR to provide their pupils with an introduction of drones and their safe use. The fun packed day was also a chance for the children to learn the important safety practices associated with drones. Some important take home safety messages were raised. It also enabled the children to take a close look at some of the high-tech drone equipment being used by drone pilots today.

Aerial photo of All Saints CE School logo

After the drone presentation, the school children gathered in the playground and the drone pilot took a series of aerial photos of the entire school, all the pupils and staff. The various photographs were then given to All Saints to print off and the children’s parents were given the opportunity to purchase if they wished.

Drones are already revolutionising the way we do business in the UK. DSR believes that the safe and responsible use of drones can bring significant benefits to the UK as a whole. It’s a positive thing to be able to introduce drones to school children and inspire future generations to perhaps become the drone pilots of tomorrow.

The children enjoying their talk by Jerry Laurence

We’re excited to be able to show you the video that we produced whilst visiting All Saints School, West Sussex.

If you’d like a Drone Safe Register™ pilot to come down to your school and give a fun and educational talk to your pupils or even to organise a school group aerial photograph then check out Hovershotz and get in contact with us today. We are registered with DSR and based in Cumbria and cover Cumbria, Lancashire and the Lake District!

Competition for Star Wars Day May the Fourth – Drone Giveaway

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A bit of fun to celebrate Star Wars day  – May the fourth. Hovershotz are giving away a toy Tie Fighter drone. To stand a chance of winning this, just like & share. We are based in the UK and can only post to a UK address. Good luck and May the Fourth be with you


Star Wars Hovershotz givaway.

A bit of fun to celebrate Star Wars day tomorrow – May the fourth. We are giving away a toy Tie Fighter drone. To stand a chance of winning this, just like & share. We are based in the UK and can only post to a UK address. Good luck and May the Fourth be with you.

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Hovershotz Aerial Drone Photography Videos and Inspections are the leading drone operator in Cumbria, Lancashire & the Lake District in the North West of England UK.

Aerial Photography Lake District

Hovershotz EVLOS Blea Tarn Langdale Lake District Cumbria Aerial photograph by drone

Hovershotz gain Extended Visual Line of Sight EVLOS aerial drone permission from the CAA a first for Cumbria & the Lake District

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Hovershotz aerial drone photography video & inspections are delighted to announce that  have received permission from the CAA Civil Aviation Authority, to fly Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS). We believe that Hovershotz are the first and only drone operator in Cumbria & the Lake District to gain the authorisation.

This means when following certain conditions Hovershotz can fly out to a range of 1500 metres and a height of 500 feet above ground level. Almost all other UK companies are restricted to operating up to 500 metres and 400 feet.

This is great news for our customers, helping save both time and money and also meaning Hovershotz can now carry out tasks other Cumbrian drone operators are simply unable to complete! It also sets Hovershotz apart from any other commercial drone operator in Cumbria, the Lake District & Lancashire in being authorised to not only fly EVLOS but also having night flying permission, making Hovershotz the top professional drone operator in Cumbria, Lancashire & the Lake District.

This will be of particular benefit to our clients in the film making, news media and surveying industries. Hovershotz – now the first choice for professional aerial drone photography, videos & Inspections across the North West of England.

Another example of how Hovershotz leads where our competitors follow.

Hovershotz are a professional aerial drone photographer

Hovershotz commercial drone service Cumbria Lancashire Lake District NW & NE

Aerial Wind Turbine Inspections & Surveys by Drone Cumbria Energy Coast

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Drones and Wind Turbine Inspections: The Lowdown


Wind turbines are pretty massive, right? We’re talking about structures bigger than Nelsons Column. That’s pretty big.


Plus, there are all of those rotating blades that look pretty intimidating. To go anywhere near them for inspection, you need to switch them off – and that costs a lot of money. But let’s face it, no sane engineer is going to go anywhere near those super-strength blades until they’re safely stationary.


There are so many wind turbines, and they keep springing up everywhere on the landscape. For good reason, too: they produce effective green energy. As of March 2017, in the UK there are 7,250 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of over 14.6 gigawatts: 9,512 megawatts of onshore capacity and 5,098 megawatts of offshore capacity. Many of these wind turbines are sited on the Cumbrian energy coast on the edge of the English Lake District national park.

That’s a lot of maintenance, and a lot of shut-down time.


The solution – Send In The Drones!


An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is able to reach the dizzying heights of a wind turbine  and – in the hands of a skilled pilot from a professional licenced drone operator – reduce or negate any operational shutdown required for a routine inspection.


We’re not kidding you: an inspection that would take hours or even days with a serious amount of safety gear and some brave, brave souls indeed can actually take mere minutes with a drone. A UAV can be launched in minutes, flown to the structure, and deliver real-time high definition footage to an inspection team safely planted on the ground below.


The detail picked up by on-board cameras is minute – even hairline cracks are possible to spot. The ability to review, slow down, and replay footage means highly detailed inspections can be carried out to identify problem areas, common difficulties, or regular maintenance requirements. Now you only need to send the engineer up the drone to actually fix it (drones don’t quite do that… yet), instead of spending a lot of time on the initial inspection AND the repair.


Offshore Wind Farms And Drones


‘What about offshore wind turbines? Surely they can’t operate in harsh marine environments?’ TO this we say: we think that rock you’ve been hiding under probably needs a spring clean by now. Marine drones are not just a reality, they’re already in use by the most savvy offshore engineers!


Designed for the difficult environment presented by offshore inspections, marine specific drones can operate in high winds, varied air pressure, and not be affected by salt corrosion. Yet they also still deliver the high quality inspection footage that you’d find on any land-based wind turbine. If anything, marine drones for wind turbine inspections are the leaders of the pack, as they save even more money: your engineer crew won’t need to be shipped to each turbine for inspection and then spend hours rigging up with safety gear. As long as the drone pilot and his assistant are planted on a boat within regulation distance of the UAV, you can inspect as many offshore wind turbines as you like from one spot.


Drones: The No-Brainer For Wind Turbine Inspections


Without the need to physically climb a structure, time is saved. Without the need to rig up safety gear, time is saved. Without the need to move at a human pace, time is saved. Without the need for… you get the picture. Time is money, people! Save time, save money, and produce more regular maintenance checks without increasing your budget. Drones aren’t the future: they’re the now.

Hovershotz aerial photography video & inspections are experienced in surveying wind turbines across the North West of England in Cumbria Lancashire & the Lake District. We hold full CAA permission for commercial operation to operate during the day and even at night. The leading professional drone & UAV company in Cumbria

Hovershotz commercial drone service Cumbria Lancashire Lake District NW & NE