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Consultation on the SafeUse of Drones in the UK Government Response Department of Transport

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The drones are coming – but their use will now be regulated, as the government announced this morning that devices must now be registered and users will have to sit safety awareness tests.

After running a consultation from December to March, the government today published a response outlining plans to make owners of drones weighing 250g and more register details of their device.

Unlocking the UK’s High Tech Economy: Consultation on the SafeUse of Drones in the UK Government Response Department of Transport

“The UK is at the forefront of an exciting and fast growing drones market and it is important we make the most of this emerging global sector,” said aviation minister Lord Callanan.

Increasingly, drones are proving vital for inspecting transport infrastructure for repair or aiding police and fire services in search and rescue operations, even helping to save lives. They are also used extensively for aerial photography, filming and surveys.

But like all technology, drones too can be misused. By registering drones and introducing safety awareness tests to educate users, we can reduce the inadvertent breaching of airspace restrictions to protect the public.

The government also said it plans to bring forward and expand the use of “geo-fencing”, a technology which acts as an invisible force field around buildings or sensitive areas such as prisons, nuclear plants or airports.

This works by programming drones to hover at the edge of certain zones. Some manufacturers already have this feature locked in, but the government aims to reinforce its practice.

The consultation summary also added that “options to increase penalties when the law is broken” were being explored.

In the consultation, bodies such as the Department for Transport, the British Airline Pilots Association and the Military Aviation Authority revealed evidence that drones weighing 400g could damage the windscreens of helicopters in particular. A particular concern for drones being operated in the English Lake District in Cumbria, where the RAF regularly fly in LFA17 (military designated fly zone).

Airliner windscreens were found to be much more resistant, as it would take a drone of around 2kg to cause critical damage and only if the aeroplane was flying at high speed.

The outcome of the consultation is welcomed by Hovershotz Aerial Drone Photography Video & Inspections Cumbria, as we already follow strict processes laid down by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to comply with our permission for commercial Operation (PFCO) and we have become frustrated with the antics of cowboy drone operators.

Last year, the Civil Aviation Authority launched a new “drone code” with six principles:
Always keep your drone in sight
Stay below 400ft (120m) to comply with the drone code
Every time you fly your drone you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions
Keep the right distance from people and property
You are responsible for each flight
Stay well away from aircraft, airports and airfields


UK Government to announce new drone registration and regulations.

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Hovershotz have learned that the UK government are to announce plans to introduce drone registration and mandatory safety awareness courses for owners of the small unmanned aircraft (SUSA’s).

It will affect anyone who owns a drone which weighs more than 250 grams (8oz).

Drone maker DJI said it was in favour of the measures.

There is no time frame or firm plans as to how the new rules will be enforced and the Department of Transport admitted that “the nuts and bolts still have to be ironed out”.

The drone safety awareness test will involve potential flyers having to “prove that they understand UK safety, security and privacy regulations”, it said.

The plans also include the extension of geo-fencing, in which no-fly zones are programmed into drones using GPS co-ordinates, around areas such as prisons, nuclear power plants and airports.

‘Protect the public’

“Our measures prioritise protecting the public while maximising the full potential of drones,” said Aviation Minister Lord Martin Callanan.

“Increasingly, drones are proving vital for inspecting transport infrastructure for repair or aiding police and fire services in search and rescue operations, even helping to save lives.

“But like all technology, drones too can be misused. By registering drones and introducing safety awareness tests to educate users, we can reduce the inadvertent breaching of airspace restrictions to protect the public.

There has not been a significant accident involving a drone yet, but there have been several reports of near misses with commercial aircraft. There have also been incidents of drones being used to deliver drugs to prison inmates.

“Registration has its place. I would argue it will focus the mind of the flyer – but I don’t think you can say it’s going to be a magic solution,” said Dr Alan McKenna, law lecturer at the University of Kent.

“There will be people who will simply not be on the system, that’s inevitable.”

Drone and aircraft

Similar registration rules in the US were successfully challenged in court in March 2017 and as a result are currently not applicable to non-commercial flyers.

Dr McKenna said there were also issues around how a drone’s owner could be identified by police and whether personal liability insurance should also be a legal requirement in the event of an accident.

‘Common sense’

DJI spokesman Adam Lisberg said the plans sounded like “reasonable common sense”.

“The fact is that there are multiple users of the airspace and the public should have access to the air – we firmly believe that – but you need systems to make sure everybody can do it safely,” he said.

“In all of these issues the question is, where is the reasonable middle ground? Banning drones is unreasonable, having no rules is also unreasonable.

“We’re encouraged that [the British government] seems to be recognising the value drones provide and looking for reasonable solutions.”

Currently only commercial drone operators are regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and have to pass strict theory exams, flight tests and hold specific insurance.

Hovershotz aerial drone photography video and inspections Cumbria, welcome these new rules. We regularly come across idiots who have bought a cheap drone and then fly it dangerously without any knowledge of the current rules or what constitutes safe flights. This is of particular concern in Cumbria and the Lake District; where tourists regularly fly drones to film & video the dramatic scenery, without considering that it is a military fly zone.

Drone filming service for any of the Wainwright fells in the Lake District

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There are 214 Wainwright Fells in the Lake District

Below is a list of the 214 Wainwright fells in the Lake District. Hovershotz are able to hike over any of the Wainwrights with our drones in backpacks to provide aerial filming or drone photography from any of these.

1Scafell PikeS978
5Great EndS910
7Great GableW899
9Nethermost PikeE890
11Esk PikeS885
12Raise (Helvellyn)E883
15Skiddaw Little ManN865
16White SideE863
17Crinkle CragsS858
18Dollywaggon PikeE858
19Great DoddE857
21Stybarrow DoddE844
22Scoat FellW841
23St. Sunday CragE840
24Eel CragNW838
25High StreetFE828
26Red Pike (Wasdale)W825
27Hart CragE822
30High StileW806
31Coniston Old ManS803
32High Raise (H.St.)FE803
33Kirk FellW802
34Swirl HowS802
35Green GableW801
37Brim FellS796
38Dove CragE792
39Rampsgill HeadFE792
40Grisedale PikeNW790
41Watson’s DoddE789
42Great CarrsS785
43Allen CragsS784
45Thornthwaite CragFE783
46Kidsty PikeFE780
47Dow CragS779
48Harter Fell (Mardale)FE778
49Red ScreesE776
50Grey FriarS773
53Hopegill HeadNW770
54Great RiggE766
55Caudale MoorFE763
57High Raise (Lang.)C762
58Slight SideS762
59Mardale Ill BellFE761
60Ill BellFE757
61Hart SideE756
62Red Pike (Butterm.)W756
63Dale HeadNW754
64Carl SideN746
65High CragW745
66The KnottFE739
68Harrison StickleC736
69Seat SandalE736
70Sergeant ManC736
71Long SideN733
72Kentmere PikeFE731
74Clough HeadE726
77Birkhouse MoorE718
78Thunacar KnottC717
80Lonscale FellN714
83Pike o’StickleC708
86Pike o’BliscoS705
87Bowscale FellN703
88Cold PikeS701
89Caw FellW697
90Gray CragFE697
91Pavey ArkC697
92Rest DoddFE696
93Grey KnottsW694
94Loft CragC692
96Great CalvaN690
97Bannerdale CragsN683
98Ullock PikeN680
99Sheffield PikeE675
100Wether HillFE674
102Scar CragsNW672
103Loadpot HillFE671
104Tarn Crag (Longsled.)FE663
105Carrock FellN661
106Whiteless PikeNW660
107High Pike (Caldbeck)N657
108High Pike (Scandale)E657
109Place FellFE657
110Selside PikeFE655
111Middle DoddE654
112High SpyNW653
113Harter Fell (Eskdale)S652
114Great Sca FellN651
115Fleetwith PikeW648
116Base BrownW646
117Rossett PikeS642
118Grey CragFE638
119Causey PikeNW637
120Little Hart CragE637
121Mungrisdale CommonN633
122Starling DoddW633
125Hartsop DoddFE618
126Great BorneW615
127Heron PikeE612
128High SeatC608
129Illgill HeadS604
130Seathwaite FellS600
132Bleaberry FellC589
133Shipman KnottsFE587
134Brae FellN585
135Middle FellW582
136Ard CragsNW581
137Maiden MoorNW575
138The NabFE575
139Blake FellW572
140Sergeant’s CragC571
141Hartsop Above HowE570
143Angletarn PikesFE566
144Brock CragsFE561
145Knott RiggNW556
146Lord’s SeatNW552
147Steel FellC552
148Rosthwaite Fell (Bessyboot)S551
149Hard KnottS550
150Meal FellN550
151Tarn Crag (Easedale)C549
152Blea RiggC541
153Lank RiggW541
154Calf CragC537
155Great Mell FellE536
156Whin RiggS535
157Arthur’s PikeFE532
158Gavel FellW526
159Great CockupN526
160Bonscale PikeFE524
161Crag FellW523
162Souther FellN522
163High Hartsop DoddE519
165High ToveC515
168Beda FellFE509
169Broom FellNW509
170Hen CombW509
171Low PikeE508
172Little Mell FellE505
173Stone ArthurE504
174Eagle CragC503
176Green CragS488
179Longlands FellN483
180Sour HowesFE483
181Gowbarrow FellE481
182Armboth FellC479
183Burnbank FellW475
184Lingmoor FellS469
186Raven CragC461
187Great CragC457
192Glenridding DoddE442
193Nab ScarE442
194Arnison CragE434
195Steel KnottsFE431
197Gibson KnottC420
199Grange FellC415
200Low FellW412
201Helm CragC405
202Silver HowC394
203Hallin FellFE387
204Walla CragC379
205Ling FellNW373
207Troutbeck TongueFE363
208Sale FellNW359
209High RiggC357
210Rannerdale KnottsNW355
211Loughrigg FellC336
212Black FellS322
213Holme FellS317
214Castle CragNW290

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