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February 2018

Importance of a drone firmware & software policy within your CAA PFCO operations manual

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The recent debacle of when Apple launched IOS 11.2.5 which caused serious issues with the DJI Go app, highlights the need for professional PFCO drone operators to have a robust firmware and software update policy.

Many drone operators who rushed out to update to Apple’s latest IOS found out that their drones were either grounded or more worryingly dangerous to fly. Despite manufacturers testing their latest updates, incompatibility will always creep in between the aircrafts firmware, the mobile devices operating system and the app controlling the flight, meaning that drone operators are being used as guinea pigs to iron out any bugs.

We can understand how hobby flyers may be unaware of this but we were shocked at the number of CAA PFCO holders who blindly update their drones and associated equipment without checking what the implications are first.

At Hovershotz, we do dot update any of the firmware or software of any of our equipment before closely following our drone firmware and software update policy (this includes checking forum & Facebook group posts from users reporting any issues and then conducting very detailed flight tests). Hovershotz always carry multiple drones to jobs, both IOS & Android tablets and also we have the Litchi app available in addition to the DJI Go. We think it should be made mandatory by the CAA to include a robust update policy within their operations manual.

Hovershotz are a CAA PFCO operator providing aerial drone filming photography and surveys in Cumbria Lancashire and the Lake District

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