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January 2019

Heathrow Airport London closed after Drone sighted

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Here we go again. Another possible false drone sighting at Heathrow, and the UK’s busiest Airport is closed. The first response from the Police was to send their drones & helicopter in to look for the drone and guess what – yes, the public then phone in more drone sightings. These subsequent drone sightings are now the Police drones & helicopters, which perpetuates the problem – you couldn’t make it up. What will follow next is the Government putting the Police under pressure for an arrest and conviction, so they will arrest anyone and then be forced to release them. The Police will then realise that it was probably a false report (probably made with goood intention) but because of the upheaval cause by the overreaction, the Government will then insist it was a drone (despite no evidence) and use it to implement emergency regulations.

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