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October 2018


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The recent Amendment to Air Navigation Law (The Air Navigation Order ANO 2016 as amended) made several very important changes to the drone legislation, not least of which was the introduction of a single weight class for up to 20kg (rather than the previous 0 – 7kg, 7 – 20kg split).  However, there was one amendment with regard to indoor drone flight that seemed to go largely unreported – indoor flights with drones.

Prior to the amendment, it was stated by the CAA that the law applied equally to drone flights taking place indoors or outdoors i.e. there was no distinct difference between the two.  Now the CAA state on their website that this is now not the case. Indoor flights inside buildings now comes under the jurisdiction of the HSE (Health & Safety Executive).

Hovershotz are experienced in operating & filming with drones indoors and we have specially adapted drones that are able to operate safely indoors, whilst providing professional results – we are able to film in up to 4K video and photograph up to 20 megapixels.

If you have a project that requires any drone filming or photography, indoors or outdoors in the North West of England (Cumbria, the Lake District or Lancashire), then Hovershotz are the logical first choice.

Night filming at the Trafford Centre Manchester

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Hovershotz aerial photography, hold CAA permissions for night operations and we are one of the most experienced drone operators at night in the UK. For the past couple of months we have been conducting aerial indoor filming overnight, the £75 Million Barton Square redevelopment at the Trafford Centre in Manchester. It’s one of our largest projects to date, filming a couple of times a week for probably a year. We have used several different drones, including DJI Inspire 2 X5s, DJI Inspire 1 X5 & Parrot Anafi.


drone image at night of the Trafford Centre Manchester aerial photograph

Drone image at night of the Trafford Centre Manchester aerial photograph


Hovershotz now offer cinema grade CinemaDNG Raw & Apple ProRes raw video drone filming

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Hovershotz Cumbria have upgraded our DJI Inspire 2 to offer Hollywood film grade 5.2K CinemaDNG Raw & Apple ProRes raw video drone filming. This allows us to offer aerial filming that up until now could only have been provided by £100K drones featuring RED or Arri Alexa cameras.

Our first assignment filming in Prores is in November, filming the drone sequences for a new documentary series for National Geographic Channel.


If you are a film professional requiring professional  aerial drone filming in either CinemaDNG or ProRes in the Lake District, or the North of England then Hovershotz aerial filming are your only choice.

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